NFTS Short Courses

The high standards and innovation set by the National Film and Television School continues at NFTS Short Courses.

Here industry professionals can further their careers through training courses taught by experienced tutors working in film and television. We have a huge range of technical and creative courses, in everything from 16/35mm Camera to Running Your Own Production Company.

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Course Location Dates
BiteSized@NFTS: Factual Storytelling Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Novel Adaptation Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Character Development Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Script Analysis Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Killer Ideas Online
Interviewing Techniques Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Pitch Surgery Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Emotional Stamina Workshop Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Writing A Micro Short Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Narrative Directing Analysis Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Story Structure Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Comedy Writing Finding The Tone Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Actors’ Tools for Screen Naturalism Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Sketch-Writing for Television & Radio Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Documentary Commissions Online
Finishing The Script: 1-2-1 Online
BiteSized@NFTS: Producing Your TV Programme Online
NFTS Scotland: Introduction to VFX:- ONLINE Glasgow 6 Jul 2020 to 10 Jul 2020
NFTS Scotland Sessions: Making a Living from Library Music with Chris Tolley Glasgow 17 Jul 2020
NFTS Scotland: Composing for Film and TV:- ONLINE Glasgow 20 Jul 2020 to 23 Jul 2020
Directors' Series Beaconsfield 20 Jul 2020 to 14 Aug 2020
NFTS Scotland: Introduction to Working in the Assistant Director's Department :- ONLINE Glasgow 27 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020
NFTS Scotland: A World of Locations On Your Doorstep :- ONLINE Glasgow 28 Jul 2020
NFTS Scotland: Filming in Historic Places :- ONLINE Glasgow 4 Aug 2020
NFTS Scotland: Script Reading and Reporting :- ONLINE Glasgow 7 Aug 2020 to 14 Aug 2020
NFTS Scotland: Developing and Pitching Drama :- ONLINE Glasgow 17 Aug 2020 to 18 Aug 2020
NFTS Scotland: Post-Production Demystified:- ONLINE Glasgow 26 Aug 2020 to 27 Aug 2020
Scheduling on Movie Magic Beaconsfield 3 Sep 2020
Introduction to Sound Supervision Beaconsfield 4 Sep 2020
Budgeting on Movie Magic Beaconsfield 4 Sep 2020
Introduction to Self Shooting Beaconsfield 7 Sep 2020 to 8 Sep 2020
Interviewing for Documentary Beaconsfield 10 Sep 2020 to 11 Sep 2020
Script Development for Independent Film Beaconsfield 10 Sep 2020 to 11 Sep 2020
Introduction to Sound Design for Narrative Filmmaking Beaconsfield 15 Sep 2020 to 18 Sep 2020
Composing for Film, TV & Games Beaconsfield 16 Sep 2020 to 18 Sep 2020
First Time Factual Producing Beaconsfield 20 Sep 2020 to 21 Sep 2020
An Introduction to Short Filmmaking Beaconsfield 24 Sep 2020 to 25 Sep 2020
Film Production Co-ordinators Beaconsfield 28 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020
Sitcom Writing for TV and Radio Beaconsfield 28 Sep 2020 to 2 Oct 2020
Line Producing for Film Beaconsfield 1 Oct 2020 to 2 Oct 2020