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How many times have you been stunned that a great idea didn’t get commissioned?

Never mind, you’re loaded with other amazing ideas. They’re so good you can see each one of them on the front cover of the Radio Times, you can even hear yourself making the BAFTA speech. But a great idea is only 50% of what’s needed to get a commission. Some would say it’s even less than that.

So how can you make it so that the idea you love so much gets the green light?

What are the secret ingredients to a commission?

This course will help those who work in development or PDs looking to the future and running their own company or who just want to know more about hustling a broadcaster.


The content

  • The many different styles of pitch – from a one sentence email to a £25k sizzle reel
  • Which style works best for my idea
  • In the room – how to manage pitch day tension
  • Preparing yourself for awkward questions
  • A brief history of how ideas have been successfully pitched
  • Why is my taster tape/sizzle reel not cutting through?
  • Don’t be afraid to ignore channel briefs - commissioners don’t always know what they want


    Day 1: Preparing the Pitch

    Seminar based with practical group exercises on how to prepare different ideas for the big pitch.  A good tape – with examples of taster tapes that have been commissioned and those that didn’t.

    Day 2: The Pitch

    Applying the knowledge from Day 1. More often than not you get one chance in the room to state your case. It’s a battle of wills. Role play the pitches. 


Paul Crompton has series and documentaries commissioned over a 20-year period, he has run his own indie and he has also worked on the other side of the fence as a Commissioning Editor.

Corporate Rate: £700

Freelance Rate: £365

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