Short course


This workshop is aimed at disabled talent who are looking at entering the screen industries but don't know where to start, as well as at people who have hit a brick wall in their chosen field and are finding it difficult to progress further

It is a participatory workshop looking at your strengths, creativity and talent and trying to aim those at the wide variety of jobs in film and television, it encourages participants to talk about their disabilities and looks at how they can manage the workplace including sets and locations.

This course helps you plan your career for the ups and downs of the industry and your disability and ensures you’re making use of all available options including 'reasonable adjustments' to finding out how "Access to Work' can help

From CV writing to filling out Access to Work forms -- this workshop covers what you need to get on the industry.

  • Roles in film & what they require
  • What they are looking for
  • Getting your CV into shape
  • Transferable Skills and How to Use them
  • Finding Jobs Unofficially
  • Work experience or Being Taken Advantage of?
  • The Rollercoaster Freelance Life
  • Protecting your Earnings and Planning for Fluctuations in Salary
  • Networking and making the most of it
  • Using Reasonable Adjustments and Access to Work to Even the Playing Field

Freelance Rate: £75

Corporate Rate: £150

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If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903

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