NFTS Games Design and Development students recently spent a day at Splash Damage, a British video gaming developer dedicated to crafting team based multi-player games. An established studio who has worked on iconic titles including Gears of War, Halo, Batman, Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, the aim of the visit was for the students to experience a real world gaming development environment. This gave them a unique opportunity to see for themselves how a studio works and provided a chance to ask questions and get advice from employees working in this thriving sector, worth over £4 billion to the UK economy.

The students listened to talks from Splash Damage team members with a range of diverse roles including Adam Russell, Senior Game Designer, Lance Winter, Lead Game Designer and Joey Langley, Internal Recruiter. Each speaker gave their own advice and opinions to the students on how to break into the industry and become successful.

The students found it very useful to have Joey’s unique perspective on recruitment as he explained the hiring process at Splash Damage, while also providing valuable insight into recruitment in the wider games industry. The students were really appreciative of the team for taking the time to answer their questions and give them clarity on what their future careers might look like: “I've never had an opportunity to discuss the hiring process in such detail with someone so relevant.”

The team at Splash Damage

Splash Damage pride themselves on nurturing a positive working environment and an important part of this is having a healthy work-life balance. The Games Design course at the NFTS shares these values and works to provide our students with the practical skills and creative knowledge to develop video games, whilst not endorsing the ‘crunch culture’ that is a current hot topic of conversation within the gaming industry: “They are a lovely studio and clearly care about who they employ. I would absolutely love to work in that kind of environment.”

Lance Winter said of the course: “Working for a game studio is a collaborative endeavour. Gaming courses that have a strong teamwork focus can help prepare students for the demands of working in a cross-discipline development team.”

The students described how the visit gave them clarity on their future careers, helping them decide what pathway and role would be best for them: “It strengthened my desire to get a job in the games industry.”

Alan Thorn, Head of the NFTS Games Design and Development MA said: “Splash Damage are an excellent studio involved in really interesting work. I'm very grateful for the time and attention they gave to our students while touring their facilities. They had a great time and gained some amazing insights. The experience was incredibly valuable. Students on our Games Design MA are so fortunate to be in contact with many creative voices that are shaping the future of gaming.”

NFTS students working on their games

Adam Russell commented on the great attitude of the students on the day: “The NFTS students that visited Splash Damage showed a keen interest in the industry and asked lots of good questions following the presentation. It’s encouraging to see the next generation of game designers be so engaged with the finer details of games creation.”

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