NFTS Short Courses at Beaconsfield offers over 30 industry-renowned courses each year to professionals in film and televsion as a means of furthering their careers.

'I’ve gone from working in a pub to working for one of the largest, most prestigious broadcasters on the planet, doing exactly what I wanted to do.’ George Richardson, Graduate, Diploma Factual Development and Producing

From a two-day course in self-shooting, to one day catching up with Movie Magic software in budgeting or scheduling, our courses have gained a huge reputation within the industry. Practioners can choose to spend a week discovering how to shoot a documentary, three days learning how to edit on the avid, or less than a week understanding how to cut film to music. The environment at Beaconsfield, the only film school in the UK to be awarded a BAFTA for its contribution to film and television, is  uniquely collaborative and supportive. You will meet your peers, learn from and with them and inevitably meet and work with at least a few again later on in your careers.

There are courses for budding directors to learn how to work with actors. There is international competition for gaining a place on our acclaimed four-week Directors Series each summer. The course is run by Brian Gilbert who heads up the school’s MA Directors Course. We are developing an increasing range of opportunites for new writers to television and film. Tony Bicat’s Screenwriting course has brought actors such as Toby Jones, Ismelda Staunton and Jim Carter to read scenes from our students’ developing work. All3Media sponsor the TV Drama: Creating The Bible and Writing the TV Pilot courses. The writers pitch to Heads of Development from Company Pictures, Neil Street, New Pictures and West Road Pictures. If interested, the companies may develop a project further.

‘If you are fortunate enough to get a place – it’s an experience that will pay dividends in bucket-loads for your future career.’ Adam Polosky, Script Development Graduate. Head of Development. Focus Films.

NFTS Short Courses are also responsible for a series of year-long Diploma Courses, based one day a week in London.

These are the acclaimed Script Development, Writing and Producing Comedy, Factual Development and Production Accountancy courses. All NFTS graduates from the Production Accounting Diploma course have gained jobs due to a shortage brought on by the current explosion in TV Drama.

The Head of Short Courses is Peter Ansorge, ex-Head of Drama at the UK’s Channel 4. Peter is always happy to respond to your queries and questions about the rich range of short courses available at the school.

You can find the full schedule of upcoming short courses here.

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Be part of the story.

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